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The Prime Daily Savings account is where all great relationships begin! On average, members who use Catholic Federal for all or most of their banking save over $120 a year.* Make the switch to Catholic Federal and start saving today!

A $5.00 deposit establishes your membership. As an owner of the credit union, you now have voting rights and access to everything we offer.  For your convenience, you can open a savings account online. Opening your online savings account gives you not only a competitive rate on your savings, but access to all of the benefits of credit union membership that Catholic Federal has to offer.

Pay yourself first! We make saving easy with no monthly service fees. Dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly. Let us help you save for any goal or just build a little cushion to protect your finances during unforeseen expenses. We can make savings automatic each month.

  • Payroll deduction
  • Automatic transfers
  • Online transfers
  • Regulation D: How it may affect your Savings Account

Sub Savings Account

Keep the money you are saving to spend separate from the money you are saving to keep. Once your prime daily savings account is established, you have the option of opening a sub savings account. This is perfect to budget and plan for family vacations, college tuition, vehicle purchases, annual insurance premiums and much more. This account has no monthly fee and dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly. The minimum balance to earn dividends is $1.00.

The credit union also features an Ol’ Faithful Sub Savings account. This sub account transfers from your checking account making saving money automatic. You tell us how much and how often you want to save. There’s no minimum opening deposit requirement, so it doesn’t matter how much (or little) you would like to save. If something comes up, your money is always available for you to access. Open an Ol’ Faithful sub savings account online today.

Christmas Club

The Christmas Season is a wonderful time of year for giving and spending a little more to enjoy life. By opening a free Christmas Club account, you can help alleviate holiday debt and plan year round for a financially stress free occasion. Save however much you wish to meet your needs, automatically. We’ll keep your Christmas savings safely away in this special account and automatically deposit the balance (plus dividends) into your regular savings in October, leaving plenty of time for your holiday planning and purchases. For your convenience, we can open your Christmas Club account for you over the phone or at any office location

*CUNA Member Benefit Report

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