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Technology Loans

Whether it’s for keeping in touch with family and friends, conducting business or studying for school, Catholic Federal Credit Union has a loan specially tailored for you!

Catholic Federal understands how important a smart phone, iPad, laptop or computer is in today’s world. Don’t use a high rate credit card to buy your next purchase. Finance 100% with a Technology Loan from Catholic Federal Credit Union with a low rate of 4.99% APR* up to 24 months.

  • 5.25% APR* for 24 months
  • No hidden fees
  • No application fee
  Catholic Federal Credit Union
Technology Loan
Credit Card #1 Credit Card #2
Interest Rate 5.25% APR*

18% APR*

21% APR*
Monthly Payment $109.97 $124.83 $128.49
Interest Paid $139.09 $495.32 $583.52
  YOU SAVE $356.73 $444.43

*Based on a $2,500 loan amount and a 24 month repayment term. *APR=Annual Percentage Rate, rate subject to change.

If you purchased within the last 60 days, bring us the receipt and we’ll loan you the amount of your purchase! Use the loan amount to pay off the original credit card bill or if you used your savings or student loan, replenish your account with the purchase amount.

Tuition Loan

Catholic Federal’s low interest rate Tuition Loan can be used for payment of elementary, middle school or high school tuition costs.

The following chart* illustrates how low your Catholic Federal Credit Union's Tuition Loan monthly payments can be!

Amount Financed Financed Charged Total Payments per Month
$500.00 $11.57 $511.57 $42.64
$1500.00 $34.73 $1534.73 $127.90
$2000.00 $46.32 $2046.32 $170.53
$3000.00 $69.50 $3069.50 $255.80

*The chart is based on a tuition loan with a fixed rate of 4.25% annual percentage rate, rate is subject to change.


Absolutely. You have maximum flexibility, because there are no prepayment penalties and you’ll save on interest charges.

The payment goes directly to your school.

You can pay by check or opt for convenient automatic deductions from your checking or savings account, home banking or payments can be made at any CFCU office location.

It’s due approximately 45 days after we receive your signed loan agreement.

Parents, guardians, grandparents or other immediate relatives of the student are eligible to apply or cosign.

Absolutely not. There is no obligation associated with filling out an application.

Credit decisions are usually made within 24 hours.

There is no application fee.

There are three easy ways to apply: at any CFCU locations, online and by calling 1-800-798-2328.


The Tuition Loan is designed to offer flexible yet sensible terms.

There is no down payment. You simply make your monthly payments.

Credit card interest rates are often variable. They are also generally higher meaning that you will pay more in interest. Some families appreciate the structure of a fixed monthly payment. With a payment plan from CFCU, you keep your credit card purchasing power available for other purchases.

Fixed rates mean predictable monthly payments that won’t rise unexpectedly due to interest rate fluctuations.

Tuition loans have a fixed rate.

Yes. If you are not a member already we would be happy to sign you up. You can then benefit from all of our great rates on our loans and deposits.

Tuition, registration and comprehensive fees

You can finance any amount that you are capable of making payments during the 12 month period that is approved by the credit union.

Call CFCU’s office, access your account online or through the automated phone system.

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