A. There is a minimum of $5.00 to open your Catholic Federal membership with a Prime Daily savings account. You must maintain at least $5 while it’s open.

A. To set up Direct Deposit to your account, you will want to provide the ABA/Routing Number 272484441 and your savings or checking account number. To confirm your account, please contact the credit union at (800) 798-2328. For security reasons, we will mail you the account details to set up Direct Deposit to your account.

A. Frequently, we see that Direct Deposits may not credit your account due to an invalid account number. Be sure to verify with the issuer of the deposit that they are sending funds to your correct account number. You may also want to validate the ABA Routing Number: 272484441. For assistance, contact the credit union at (800) 798-2328.

A. You are allowed unlimited withdrawals in a branch or at an ATM.

There is a limit of 6 withdrawals (by phone and online) per month by federal Regulation D.

A. Yes, if applicable. Earnings $10 and higher will be mailed.

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