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Reasons to Join

Looking for how much you can save? You’re in the right place! When you join Catholic Federal you’ll have all the banking services you need, with significantly lower rates on all kinds of loans – auto, personal loans, mortgage, debt consolidation, and more! Plus more free services and lower fees. Put them all together, and you save big! Start now by making the switch to Catholic Federal.

How do we do it? Well, Catholic Federal is a credit union, NOT a bank. We provide the same services – personal checking, saving, loans, mobile banking, ATMS and the rest – but unlike a bank, we’re not-for-profit. Instead of sending profits to investors, we give our members better rates and better deals.

On average, members save $220* per year on their car payments compared to bank loans – that’s $1,100 in savings on a five-year loan. *CUNA Member Benefit Report

Our service promise is to “Improve your financial well-being”. Along with that promise we want to save you time by making things as convenient for you as possible.  Want to open a checking account online from the convenience of your couch? You can with us, make the switch to CFCU!

Need a loan calculator to find out how much automobile you can buy based on your monthly payment or to decide if you should lease or finance your next car? We have a loan calculator for both along with many others to help you with those important financial decisions in your life.

We also are dedicated to the Great Lakes Bay Region. Fueled by the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”, we help better our communities through financial contributions, resource donations, staff volunteering and a wide variety of sponsorship and education programs.

Catholic Federal supports numerous causes and events in our community. CFCU staff embraces the spirit of giving throughout the year by raising funds to support local organizations and provide financial assistance to local families in need.

Ready to Switch

Making the Switch in Four Easy Steps!

Interested in taking advantage of all the benefits that membership at Catholic Federal Credit Union has to offer?

Catholic Federal Credit Union will help you make the switch as easy as 1… 2… 3… 4!

Our Four Step Switch Kit will help you get organized and alleviate the concern that may be associated with changing financial institutions. We are here to make your transition easy and convenient!

As a member of Catholic Federal Credit Union you will enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Free 24-hour Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Free Online Bill Payer
  • Free Financial Education and Counseling
  • And much, much more!

Catholic Federal Credit Union’s Member Service Representatives are available to offer free quality advice and assistance in helping you make the transition.

To Do List:

Step 1: Get Organized. Follow our easy step by step form to make the process fast and convenient.

Step 2: Change Your Direct Deposit. Complete and print out the Direct Deposit Form. Take the completed form to your employer’s HR or payroll department. On payday you can check your account online with Online Banking or on your phone with Mobile Banking to make sure your Direct Deposit is in your new CFCU account.

Step 3: Change Your Automatic Withdrawals. If you have automatic withdrawals from your old account (car payments, gym memberships, iTunes, etc.) you will need to transfer these to your new CFCU account. Complete and print out the Change Automatic Withdrawals Form.

Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account. After making sure that all checks, transactions and automatic withdrawals have been cleared from your old account, print out the Account Closing Form and mail or deliver to your old financial institution.

Questions? Visit your local branch of Catholic Federal Credit Union, contact our Call Center at 1-800-798-2328 or email us at

Stand Up For Credit Unions

By joining Catholic Federal Credit Union, you made the smart choice to protect your financial future. Our not-for-profit financial cooperative—owned by members like you—is tax exempt because we keep the focus on our members. All "profits" generated go back to our members as higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and stronger capital reserves.

Learn About the Credit Union Difference


Learn About CULAC

Credit unions can stay strong by staying top-of-mind with lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

  • Elected officials hear from bank lobbyists all the time, but there is nothing more powerful than when they hear from their constituents directly.

  • It's easy to reach your legislators via email, social media, or phone.

  • Consider contacting your legislators regarding ways CFCU has helped you and your family or business.


CULAC - the Credit Union Legislative Action Committee - works to support political candidates that are friends to credit unions, our members, and our issues.

  • CULAC donations support Congressional and Senate candidates who are credit-union friendly, regardless of party affiliation.

By helping CULAC achieve its mission, you are joining with thousands of credit union members and employees nationwide to ensure that our movement has a voice on Capitol Hill when the big decisions are made.

Learn About the Campaign for Common Sense Regulation   Learn About Key Issues

Regulatory Burden subjects America's credit union members to:

  • Higher loan rates
  • Fewer services and products
  • Less access to modernized technology

Here is a brief overview of some key issues that CFCU is monitoring.

  • Data breaches and merchant accountability
  • The threat of credit union taxation
  • Longer wait times for mortgage loans
  • Increased inconvenience on services

Data Breaches

Did you know that merchants aren't subject to the same federal data protection standards as financial institutions like CFCU? Since they're not accountable, some merchants may fail to invest sufficiently in data security measures resulting in vulnerability to hackers who can gain access to credit card numbers, debit card PINs, or other sensitive data. Help us advocate for more common sense data protection laws.

  • In 2014 alone, over 500 data breaches occurred putting over 75 million data records at risk.


  • When a breach occurs, not only is CFCU prohibited from telling members where the breach occurred, but we are also liable for the fraud associated with the lost data and replacing those debit and credit cards.
  • Merchants need to be held accountable to the same strict data protection standards that we are as a financial institution.
  • Learn more and contact your legislators by visiting


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