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For 60 years, Catholic Federal Credit Union has existed to improve the financial well-being of our members. Whether it’s a new home, car, truck, vacation, education or help during some financial emergency, our goal has been and continues to be there for you and your family. We were overwhelmed by the amazing stories of times we have been able to improve the financial well-being or help achieve the financial dreams of our members!

Fresh out of the Military
1/2/2016 10:25 AM an anonymous user.
August 29, 1969...I was fresh out of the Army after serving 11 years. I arrived in Saginaw, Michigan. I needed a place to rent for myself and my family. I found a home located behind the original CFCU on Hoyt Street in Saginaw and moved in. Needing an auto loan, with no credit anywhere, I approached Bob Adams, the manager at the time. He informed me that the house I was renting was owned by Catholic Federal, and said I could join the credit union. Shortly thereafter, I was able to get a car loan from CFCU. I managed to get a job at Koehler Brothers in Saginaw and would always see Bob when I went into the Credit Union. I would always tell Bob how I would love to get into G.M., at which time, after being at Koehlers for about 3 years, Bob made a phone call to 'someone' at Malleable Iron, and I reported to work at General Motors Malleable Iron on 2nd shift the next morning! I retired from Malleable after 31 years of service in 2000. Today, I am still a member of Catholic Federal Credit Union and always will be. I still see people when I go into the credit union, like Sandy, Wendy and Karen. My son is now a member too along with his wife. If it wasn't for Catholic Federal and Bob Adams, I am not sure where I would be today. Thank you Catholic Federal Credit Union!
Membership for a Lifetime
1/2/2016 9:26 AM JANE B. from SAGINAW, MI
I remember when my father took us to get our first savings account at Catholic Federal. I must have been 7 years old and it was located on Hoyt Street in Saginaw then. It's now been a part of my life over 51 years and changed locations a number of times, but the same feeling of continuity and trust will always be there whenever I bank, whether its using the checking, savings, investing in a CD, mortgage, loan or credit card. I would never even think about going anywhere else. I know I can count on CFCU for reliable, safe and friendly service. Now I have passed this onto my children and I think they feel the same way. CFCU has helped them with Msgr. Forbes Scholarships and also when they needed extra emergency funds when traveling out of the country. Over the years, CFCU has grown and we have grown along with them.
What to do?
1/2/2016 1:24 PM Paul S. from Saginaw, MI
My wife and I wanted to refinance our home. We were able to refinance it with a lower interest rate. The best part was we were able to consolidate two other loans at the same time. I had money that I had owed to my attorney with a higher interest rate that was paid off and added to our mortgage. We also had our automobile payed off and added to our mortgage. We saved so much on our monthly bills. Thank you Catholic Federal Credit Union.

Moving Forward
1/3/2016 5:49 PM Wendy M. from Saginaw, MI
My son had a brain injury which caused him to have a left side hemiplegia at the age of eight. Taking leave for four months to stay at Mott's Children's Hospital was draining to all my finances. After filing bankruptcy, I was sure no one would help me. After hearing good things about Catholic Federal from friends, I opened an account. Karen H. was wonderful to work with. Not only did she save me money by refinancing other debt, but she was understanding of the change in my income & my bankruptcy. I have had a great experience with my finances at CFCU. When ever I have questions about interest rates or other options to save, Catholic Federal is right there to help. It is nice to know that I am looked at as a person and not a profit and that CFCU can look past a hardship and trust that people are good and that bad things happen to good, hard working people.
Welcomed like family
1/4/2016 1:34 PM Evan A. from Saginaw , MI
When I first moved here, Julie T. welcomed me to Catholic Federal and walked me through setting up my account. She helped me finance my first three vehicles and to manage my payments. She has always been helpful guiding me, assisting me with options, along with the help of other credit union employees. CFCU has been my only financial establishment and would not go to any other credit union or bank. I feel like it's like the show "Cheers", where everybody knows your name.
Great Loan Rates!
1/4/2016 7:33 PM an anonymous user.
Recently I had contacted Catholic Federal Credit Union about a Free Financial Checkup. It was a fast and free review of my credit cards, and other accounts, all from the comfort of my home. I did not have to venture out to a branch office at all during this process. Upon review, CFCU notified me that I was a good candidate for a CFCU Consolidation Loan. I had been paying essentially 65.79% interest between three credit cards each month. CFCU was able to consolidate these cards for me at a great rate of 8.75% saving me an astronomical amount in interest charges. I was even able to get a 90 day payment deferral. This was such a huge load off my chest, and a huge improvement to my financial well-being. This loan will allow me to eliminate my credit card debt much quicker and still allow me to save for retirement.
Feels like family!
1/5/2016 12:27 PM Dan M. from Saginaw, MI
I never thought I could feel more like family than at Catholic Federal Credit Union - Everyone I have encountered over the years has always been pleasant and makes any financing almost too easy! I even had the opportunity to have Mr. Zirkle wait on me and I did not know his role there at the time, we chatted about our own families and what the upcoming plans were for the summer. CFCU has been a go to for years and I have referred many friends to go there due to the family atmosphere!
My Dad's Legacy
1/5/2016 6:30 PM Carol M. from kalamazoo, MI
My family had been members of St. Mary's Cathedral for many years. At that time most families did their banking at one of the major banks in downtown Saginaw. It was decided that a credit union would be established for the use by church members.The 1st St. Mary's Credit Union was in the old convent directly behind the church. I can remember my father taking me to open up my very first account, I was so excited. My father was a saver and had opened an account in his name at the time the credit union opened, this was 1956 and I was 8 years old. My fathers account number was two digits and I have a three digit account number, so you can see how long we have been members. Every week we drove in our big buick to the CU and made deposits. I loved seeing that balance get bigger and bigger, I was so proud of the little money I made from my chores. To this day we are still members having financed our homes and cars and building up our savings. Over the years our kids have been members and we have always found that the staff has always been welcoming, friendly and very well equipped to handle any questions. We now live in Kalamazoo and we are still members. I can't imagine not having CFCU in my life, the same as my husband of 43 years; and sometimes he's on shaky ground.:) Thank you to my Dad!
Outstanding Service Every Time
1/6/2016 2:22 AM Lindsay W. from Bay City, MI
Every experience I have had with the staff at various locations as well as calling in is ALWAYS a positive one. I can honestly say I have never had a reason to NOT smile since my Dad opened my account when I was still a child. I now have two daughters, one who is already a member and the second will become a member on her first birthday. I thank you Catholic Federal for being excellent no matter if its my home loan, auto loan, personal loan, credit card, etc. You guys are a HUGE step above the rest! God bless and thank you for NOT only giving me a reason to smile but for your variety of services offered. You are outstanding!!
The Wedding Relief
1/6/2016 8:09 AM an anonymous user.
My wife and I were planning our wedding and buying a house at the same time. We had all of the money saved up to pay for the wedding and were told that a grant would cover our closing costs on the house. Right before the house was to be closed on we got a call that the grant was no longer available and we now had to use our wedding money to pay for the house. That same day we called Catholic Federal Credit Union to see about getting a loan for our wedding. The whole process was completed within about an hour and we now had our money for the wedding and the house. Catholic Federal made us simile that day when the situation could have added to stress of wedding planning and house buying.
My Peace of Mind with CFCU
1/6/2016 10:15 PM David K. from Saginaw, MI
I only have a single debit card to keep things easier in my life. However one day I received a call from Mastercard that my credit card number was stolen and used in two failed transactions, and within the same hour of that call from them I was contacted by Catholic Federal also letting me know of the breach that I received. They also said over the phone to come in the next day and I would be issued a new card and the dispute and investigation paperwork would be all set up when I came in. The next morning I was in and out within a half hour with a new card in hand and the money that was spent by the fraudulent spenders was put back into my account as well. I have always had wonderful experiences with Catholic Federal Credit Union since joining them back in winter 2011. I recommend them to everyone I know who is of the same faith as me and is looking for a new credit union.
1/7/2016 10:21 AM an anonymous user.
When making a routine transaction, the credit union teller presented a promotion that included bringing a new vehicle loan from another financial instutition that could possibly save me money & pay my vehicle off sooner. Thus, I further inquired & secured the loan. I was able to keep the same "old" payment, but apply more towards principle by reducing the interest rate, this helping me pay it off faster than my previous loan. Today, I am smiling ear to ear as I near my FINAL vehicle payment on my Cadillac. Kudos to the bank teller for sharing the promotion with me!!!!
Plenty of Reasons to Smile
1/8/2016 2:39 PM Paige F. from Saginaw, MI
I have plenty of reasons to smile because of CFCU! I developed a friendship with Robert Adams, former CEO of CFCU through working at Riverside Family Restaurant in Freeland, MI. I was a teenager in High School and I was ready to join a credit union all on my own. As soon as I became a member of CFCU I was instantly happy with my decision. EVERY member representative is so kind to the members which I find to be such a great aspect of CFCU. CFCU has helped me in numerous ways. From my first auto loan to being accepted for the Msgr. Forbes Scholarship. I am blessed to be a member of CFCU! Happy 60 years CFCU!
Mortgage free by 2022
1/8/2016 10:25 PM Stacy S. from Freeland, MI
We were looking to refinance our home two years ago. We looked to Catholic Federal as they have been our bank of choice for all of our needs. We have financed a number of cars and two campers through this great establishment. My biggest regret was not financing our house initially through Catholic Federal. However when it came time to refinance our house we knew exactly who to contact. We originally bought our house in 2003 under a 30 year mortgage. When it came time to refinance we were not only able to lower our payment, but pay it off by 2022! Can you believe that 2022 is only six years away? So what will we do in six years when we are mortgage free? Well, we will turn to Catholic Federal for auto financing for our now 7 and 9 year old children. YIKES!!! Though we all have the dream to be debt free, Catholic Federal is there when we need assistance with financing anything from cars to homes. It makes us smile knowing Catholic Federal will always be there to help us all achieve our dreams.
Rebuilding Credit
1/10/2016 2:26 PM an anonymous user.
Our story is like so many others in recent years, my husband was enjoying a great job at GM. In April 2009, he was let go due to the bankruptcy and restructuring of the company. This threw our home into complete chaos. We, like so many, had too much debt. We had a great life, but it was teetering on the edge - living paycheck to paycheck and not saving enough. We had 2 newer vehicles, thankfully one was paid off - the other a lease - which we had to return, a travel trailer, we had to let go back to the bank. It was almost 9 months before he was able to find some kind of a job and less than 50% of his original salary. We lost our home and filed bankruptcy. After that, we were determined to get our legs back under us, which meant rebuilding our credit. The best solution was to prove we could repay a loan. I talked to a lovely person at Catholic Federal and she recommended we do a secured loan - $1,000.00, so we did...and that began our slow but secure road to rebuilding our credit. Now, almost 6 years later, we have a home again! Our family is stronger than ever and I know that without that recommendation, we might have fallen victim to an unscrupulous credit card company that would have charged us way too much and taken much longer for us to start down that road. We are wiser, saving more and spending less. Thank you Catholic Federal for being there for us when we needed it!!
How CFCU helped me reach my dream
1/10/2016 10:28 PM Deborah K. H. from Saginaw, MI
Catholic Federal Credit Union is always there to help their members with the things that are most important in their lives. In 2001, after leaving a sales job to help care for my mother-in-law, her journey on earth ended. Finding myself a bit lost, I began to reassess my own life, and the things that I had put on hold or dreamed of accomplishing. I somehow knew that the positive thing that I would pull out of this difficult time would be to go back to school and complete the education that I had put on hold to raise my family. I realized that I had never given up on that dream. My husband and I had worked to make sure our girls furthered their education, but the funds to complete my education would be harder to come by. I had given up my job to care for a parent.

After the end of the first semester, I was encouraged by Catholic Federal Credit Union's member services, to apply for the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship. I decided that it couldn't hurt and applied, but I truly felt that the younger applicants had a much better shot than I did. To my surprise, I did end up winning a scholarship and went on to complete my associate degree in 2005. I cannot put into words the pride I felt having my girls watch me receive my degree, with honors on graduation night. Had it not been for the advice, and support, of Catholic Federal Credit Union, that night may never have come.

I went on to become a certified nursing assistant and worked with Hospice and Brian's House, in Bay City, until they closed in 2012. The satisfaction that I found helping to care for hospice patients and their families never failed to let me know that I was doing just what I was intended to be doing in life. I knew that in some small way, I was giving something back as I passed through this world; a lesson I have strived to instill in my girls. I believe that is truly what God intends for us to do.

Catholic Federal Credit Union's member services reached out to help me in my time of need and became a part of helping me to reach my dream. For that, I will always be grateful! Because of that, I was able to make a difference in the lives of so many people that I have cared for and assisted, and that, will always bring a smile to my face!
Life Simplification in the Form of Credit Card Consolidation
1/12/2016 12:44 AM Diane W. from Saginaw, MI
I was drawn back to Catholic Federal by the great deal they were running to consolidate credit cards to a single card with a low interest rate. I was a member of the credit union for years before moving out of state. They were able to reinstate my membership, consolidate all of my credit cards to one with a insanely low rate and refinance my car for a better interest rate all in one afternoon. Whenever I call in to make a payment or stop in to add money to my savings account everyone is friendly, professional, and delightful to engage with. I highly recommend this institution, Thank you CFCU!
Member Service from the Heart
1/12/2016 7:49 PM Chelsea G. from Saginaw, MI
I work as a flight attendant and sincerely appreciate the phone calls I receive when large transactions are made in different cities. I am constantly traveling and have never had an identity theft issue, but I know Catholic Federal Credit Union has my back! I recently moved to Howell, MI but still only use my CFCU account because you folks always have taken care of me since day one! And my mother made my account for me as a young child. Thank you for keeping my accounts safe and having the best staff.
Way back when
1/13/2016 10:16 AM Daniel P. from Reese, MI
In 1964 I started 9th grade at St. Mary's Cathedral High School. Having a part time job at a gas station at the time I also joined St. Mary's Credit Union in the house behind the church. I cashed my paycheck there and saved $10.00 to $20.00 a week. In joining I met Bob Adams, the manager at the time. For the next several years I saved every week, I borrowed $350.00 for a used car, loan approved by Bob Adams. After high school I started and apprenticeship and got married to my wife. We saved every dime for our first house. In the spring of 1974, we brought 10 acres of land and started to build our house. At 24 years we had 10 acres of land valued at $8,500.00, a 1600 square foot house roughed in with windows, doors, roof with soft and fascia. I had started the wiring and plumbing, we were about out of money that we had at St. Mary's Credit Union. We took pictures of the house and deed to several banks and savings and loans. No one would give us a loan, because we had no general contractor and being only 24 years old, we went back to St. Mary's Credit Union on Hoyt Street in Saginaw. I asked the credit union manager Bob Adams what to do because we couldn't borrow any money and had only about a $1000.00 left. Bob Adams said we couldn't borrow from the credit union because they didn't do home loans at the time. He said he would talk to his brother who worked at one of the savings and loans at the time. His brother told him no because there was no general contractor. We asked Bob what to do, Bob asked how much money did we need to finish the house. We had no idea. Bob told us he could loan us $10,000.00 on a signature loan at 12 percent interest on unpaid balance. He told us not to take all the money at once. so we would not pay interest until we needed the money. We used the $10,000.00 plus $2,000.00 more. He asked at that time how far to completion of the house, we had lights, cupboards and trim left, he asked if we had a car or truck paid for, which we did. He said to bring in title and pictures of house, Bob said that would satisfy the collateral requirements and we could get the rest of the money to finish the house. We ended up owing about $18,000.00 on a loan from St. Mary's Credit Union. Bob then suggested we go to a bank or savings and loan to get a better interest rate and we did. The thing I really want to say is, where would we have been without Bob Adams and St. Mary's Credit Union, or where would St. Mary's credit union .....Catholic Federal Credi Union have done without Bob Adams?
CF Member for Life!
1/14/2016 11:47 AM an anonymous user.
Catholic Federal has been my Credit Union all of my life. My parents opened an account for me when I was a baby and I grew up visiting the girls at the old Williamson, Saginaw location. I would put all of my extra money, along with birthday and Christmas money in my Bee Saver’s savings account so that one day I would be able to purchase my own car. I will always remember how friendly they were, and how my sisters and I would always get suckers and stamps each time we visited.
When I was in high school, I applied for my first credit card through Catholic Federal. I was approved and started building my credit. After that, I applied for my first car loan and was able to purchase a two year old car my junior year, with my dad co-signing for me (thanks Dad!). Having the credit card and car loan in my name taught me how to spend wisely and manage my money.
My senior year of high school, I applied for the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship. I was blessed to receive it and it helped cover the costs of books each semester at Delta College and SVSU.
It seems that Catholic Federal has always been there for me supporting my financial needs. Even recently, when my husband decided to purchase an “upgraded” wedding ring for me, Catholic Federal helped. He purchased it through a local retailer and was unaware of the astounding interest rate that he had purchased it under. When I saw what he had done, we went right to Catholic Federal and they were able to help us by taking over the loan on our credit card under a MUCH lower interest rate.
Catholic Federal has always given me a reason to smile!
Restoring credit
1/14/2016 5:27 PM an anonymous user.
Back in 2013 I was looking for ways to improve my credit, but really had no idea where to start or how to pay off the small items on my credit that I just couldn't afford to pay off out of my weekly checks without short changing myself on a bill. I decided to take a chance stopping by one of the Catholic Federal branches and discussing my options with a loan officer. I know the credit union knew they were taking a risk with me, but they approved a loan (using my vehicle as collateral) and I was able to use the money to pay off the small items that were affecting my credit. I don't have perfect credit just yet, but I have been able to financially get myself back on track and am very satisfied with my credit score! I have been a member for almost 3 years and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a member, including great service!
Members Make a Difference
1/15/2016 9:20 AM an anonymous user.
The exceptional service and friendly smiles at CFCU make a significant difference for my financial and emotional well being. At the end of the day, the 'excellent' member service is critical in any financial situation, and that is what keeps me coming back. CFCU staff has definitely improved my financial well being by going the 'extra mile' for all my financial needs. I would recommend CFCU services very highly and want to say "thank you' for making a difference in my life!
On the Road to a Better Financial Future
1/15/2016 9:37 AM an anonymous user.
I have been a member of Catholic Federal for approximately 30 years. They have assisted me in the many stages of life when I needed help financially. My first car, my home, etc. I recently divorced & was in a bad financial situation. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for somewhere to live, my car and the huge debt I was stuck with. I was so stressed out & was considering filing bankruptcy, but I really truly did not want to. The staff helped me so much to get my finances under control & recommended the best ways to tackle this financial turmoil. I felt so relieved & even though it is still difficult, I feel like I am on the road to a much better financial future due to the help of the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Catholic Federal. Thank you so much for assisting me during worst time in my life. With you at my side, I have hope for a brighter future! :)
Smooth Transition Getting My 1st Credit Card
1/15/2016 3:16 PM Erin I. from Pinconning, MI
I absolutely LOVE Catholic Federal Credit Union, I have been a member since I was a little kid and coming into the adult world; they definitely made things go smoothly with getting my first credit card and getting a loan to purchase my own car. I'm thankful to have a credit union like you guys. Everytime I go in its all smiles and the staff is beyond nice! Thank you!
Supportive Community Credit Union
1/15/2016 9:51 PM an anonymous user.
I opened my first account at the credit union when I was in high school. Catholic Federal helped me get through college by awarding me with the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship. Every time I put my paycheck in my account, I think about the support I received to begin my successful career.
Decades of Wonderful Service
1/15/2016 10:41 PM an anonymous user.
My account number is four digits, so that tells you how long I have been a member. Over the years, Catholic Federal has always treated me very well. Tellers and loan officers have always guided me very well and have saved me a lot of money over the years.
I'm thankful for the many decades of wonderful service I have received.
Refinancing with a Smile
1/16/2016 9:59 PM an anonymous user.
I have been a member with Catholic Federal for several years. Every transaction and encounter with Catholic Federal has resulted in a smile. Most recently was last year when I decided it was a good time to refinance our home. My husband decided to let me handle every aspect from start to finish and give him updates regarding my progress. Well, since I did not know anything about refinancing and because we had bought our home less than four years ago, I knew this would be no easy task! I had so many questions and started thinking this time I had really bit off more than I could chew. I went to the Catholic Federal website and applied for the refinance online. First off, applying online was an easy process and quite seamless. At that moment, my confidence started to build a bit. The next day I got a response from Theresa at Catholic Federal who was quite friendly and helpful. She explained the next steps to me. Less than two days later, I received a call from Lewis. He explained to me that he worked for the mortgage company that partners with the credit union that would be handling the re-finance. Well, from that day forward, my confidence was strong and steady and through the entire process. Lewis made sure he explained each step and answered every question that I had (whether it was dumb or not). One of my strongest spiritual gifts is a teacher. Anyone who also had this in their top three spiritual gifts can appreciate having clear concise instruction and answers. This is what made is such a pleasure to work with Lewis. He was patient, kind, thorough, very knowledgeable, personable and so on. Needless to say, I had a successful re-finance with a lower rate (by 1.25 points), no closing costs and our mortgage payment increased less than $95/month. My husband and I feel more secure in our retirement since our house will be paid off before we retire. Catholic Federal has given me this and many more reasons to smile!
One Step Above the Rest
1/16/2016 11:23 PM Kristen S. from Saginaw, MI
I opened my account at CFCU when I was a child. I saved up for my first bike. I saved up for my first car, I remember the feeling I felt on the way to the credit union and when I first withdrew it to buy my very first car. Catholic Federal has serviced all my needs, loans,credit card, etc. When I got married my husband opened an account and now my baby son has his own bee savings account. They have helped me in ways beyond what I expected. With my car loan the loan officer stayed during her lunch hour for me to sign papers. They helped me consolidate, recently I refinanced my car. They were there for me when I was trying to help my parents with their financials during their health problems and helped me with power of attorney stuff. They are always friendly,kind and caring. I have formed relationships and they have my trust. They are the best credit union around!
1/17/2016 10:58 AM Theresa M. from STERLING, MI
I went in and Catholic Federal looked at my current loans and they brought to my attention they could help me save on not only 1 of my loans, but 2. I was more than happy to switch them both and now I save every month. It has made our family very happy!
A Dream Come True
1/18/2016 10:31 AM Penny B. from Saginaw, MI
Many years ago, my Father and a group of men, had a dream to open a credit union to serve the community. They purchased a home on Hoyt Street down from Saint Mary's School. My Dad opened accounts for me, my sisters, and my brother. I was so happy that he was able to see how the Credit Union became very successful, and to cut the ribbon when the office opened on State Street. I still have an account at Catholic Federal Credit Union, and enjoy the knowledgeable and friendly service.
Foolish Kid
1/18/2016 2:26 PM Mary L. from Bay city, MI
My story is when I was young and dumb, I thought I could just get a credit card and buy whatever I wanted! Sure I bought a lot of nice stuff (or so I thought at the time), but then the bills started coming in and I couldn't keep up! After going to CATHOLIC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION I talked to the branch manager at the time (her name was Pat), and she helped me figure a way out of my debt! She cut up my credit cards, gave me a loan to pay them off and set up reasonable monthly payments. She helped me so much with the mess I had made! Through out the next couple years as I was paying off my foolish spending she always checked on me when I would see her at the credit union to make sure I was not returning to my old ways! These days I live debt free, and I credit a lot of it to her and the credit union for helping and guiding me through my young and dumb years! I would also like to give a shout out to the Euclid, Bay City branch (this is my home branch) for always being so friendly and helpful! I lost my debit card awhile back so I stopped in and told the lady working and she issued me a new card right away, well as luck would have it (bad luck)...I lost it again 2 days later and I went in and talked to the same lady! To be honest I was hoping she wouldn't get me again, but of course she finished up with her member first! She called me up as I took my walk of shame with my head hung low, she asked how can I help you? I told her I lost my card, she said "didn't I just give you one 2 days ago?" I smiled like a foolish idiot and she started laughing and went off and got me a new one! She then told me "maybe I should put a string on this one". We both started laughing and out the door I went with new card in my pocket! Happy to say I still have it! Thank you CATHOLIC FEDERAL FOR ALL YOUR HELP THROUGH OUT THE YEARS! Sincerely...A young ding dong that grew up with the help from you!
Awesome Staff
1/18/2016 10:12 PM an anonymous user.
I've been a member since the 1970s! CFCU was my first car loan and for all my banking needs. Staff have always been the best - especially all the staff from the old Williamson, Saginaw office. Everyone is always helpful. I appreciate all the great service! Thanks!!
My First Car
1/20/2016 12:50 PM an anonymous user.
I was fresh out of college and my very used car my parents bought for me in High School had finally kicked the bucket for the last and final time. I had just gotten my first job and with a 30 mile commute I needed a good car. I could actually afford a car payment since I had a full time job so before we shopped around I stopped in at CFCU which had been my bank since I was a child. I was not only able to score an amazing rate thanks to my long history, but the loan officer was amazing...explaining how it would all work. Through the years, while paying on that loan, CFCU would occasionally offer a "skip a payment" option-usually around the holidays which was a nice perk for single new grad. Though I have since gone on to new cars and started a family of my own and moved away, we are still members of CFCU because they are just the best around. Hands down. Since everything is electronic now I see no reason to ever change credit unions. We will stay a part of the CFCU family!
Memories That Live On
1/18/2016 10:49 PM Shannon K. from Saginaw, MI
I still remember when my dad, who is now deceased, took me to open up my very first bank account as a child at Catholic Federal. I was so excited! I got my own little piggy bank for opening an account. From the piggy bank to the suckers, I will never forget my first experiences there. As I got a little older I remember how nice and genuine the staff was to my dad. I always thought they were friends or something. After my dad passed I sat and had a long conversation with a staff member that remembered my dad well. This just showed me how personable the staff at Catholic Federal really was. Now that I am older and seeing how flexible, friendly and reliable they are I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you Catholic Federal for helping me and for all the memories I hold you close to my heart!
Thank You Catholic Federal
1/24/2016 1:43 AM Sharon K. from Bay City, MI
Our family has been honored to have been members for Catholic Federal Credit Union for over 30 years. My husband and I joined when we first got married 32 years go. Member Services have helped us in a variety of ways such as mortgage loans and car loans. We have always had the best service. They are nice and caring people who have gotten us through some tough times. They make us feel like we are a part of their family. They are caring, compassionate, and professional. We appreciate all CFCU does in and around our community as well. Thank you for letting us be members of your great credit union. We are glad to be apart of your celebration of 60 years.

Vegas trip uninterrupted
1/28/2016 3:39 PM Elizabeth D. from Saginaw, MI
I love that member services will call when strange activity is occurring on the card in a city like Las Vegas. I went on a trip there and did not think anything of using my debit card, but member services called about suspicious activity and they wanted to confirm that I was in Vegas. This made me feel more secure in using my account. Also it prevented my account from getting locked up for suspicious activity and I was able to keep using my debit card.
I love Catholic Federal
1/28/2016 10:25 PM an anonymous user.
I love every experience I have at Cathlioc Federal. Whenever I need a loan, Catholic Federal has always been there to help me and make the process really easy and stress-free. No matter if it was with my home, cars or anything, they're awesome to work with and everyone there is amazing! Thank you for everything you guys do there and for making me smile.
Debt Consolidation
1/29/2016 9:27 AM Devin I. from Owendale, MI
I was a typical college student who didn't know the rights and wrongs of credit card usage when push came to shove and I had to begin making better financial decisions for my future. I decided I needed to consolidate some credit cards and get to paying them down. After looking for a while, I decided that I would try Catholic Federal. The service was wonderful, I went in, explained my situation and how I was wanting to get myself out of the hole I dug. They took my information and worked with me on it. No, it wasn't perfect, but it helped a ton and I'm working my way out from under my credit card debt. Thank you Catholic Federal Credit Union!
Started by Credit
1/29/2016 10:39 AM Brandie C. from Saginaw, MI
Catholic Federal Credit Union has always been who we turn to for all Financial needs. When I was 18 they gave me my first credit card and checking account. It started my credit history and I have never had a problem getting an auto loan, mortgage or signature loan. They have always been a part of my family. My parents started me with an account when I was 2/3 years old and I will always have my checking with the credit union.
Home Sweet Home
1/29/2016 6:01 PM an anonymous user.
I have been a member since my parents enrolled me and attempted to teach me financial responsibility. I may have the same amount saved as when I started, but Catholic Federal has supported me through my major financial milestones. From my first car to my first home, Catholic Federal has been there to assist me and walk me through the process. Believe me I needed SOME walking especially with that mortgage! Thanks again Catholic Federal for helping me put a roof over my head and a car on the road!
Quite A Service
1/30/2016 6:11 PM Greg S. from Saginaw, MI
One day I went through the drive through window at the State Street, Saginaw office. I sent through a withdrawal slip for cash from my account. The teller accidentally gave me an extra one hundred dollars. My wife and I said, "Now that's a great member service!" Of course, being the honest people we are, we sent the hundred dollars back to the teller. She thanked us over and over for our honesty. I asked her to just buy us a beer at the annual Membership meeting/banquet dinner. She just laughed because the drinks are free anyway.
Just Home From Vietnam
1/30/2016 6:15 PM ronnie m. from CRYSTAL RIVER, FL
In January of 1970, I came home from Vietnam and needed a car. I went to St. Mary's Credit Union and saw Bob Adams and he got the loan approved in 2 days, one day before I went back to work! I have been a member ever since!!!
My Happy Place
1/30/2016 8:23 PM Jim B. from Bay City, MI
I was up north looking at a cabin that a private individual was selling online and while I was looking this great place over there was one call after another trying to come up to see it. I told the owner to tell them all sold, little did she know I still needed to secure the money to buy it. I drove straight to the Catholic Federal location by my house. I really didn't want to take a mortgage out against the cabin, so I asked if there would be a problem just doing a signature loan and the answer was no problem. I was in and out of there in less than an hour and off to buy our cabin. Today this cabin is our happy place that we enjoy many hours around our bon fires looking at the beautiful stars above. Thanks Catholic Federal!
Unexpected smile
1/30/2016 9:13 PM Katerina L. from Merrill, MI
It is a bit difficult to think of just one time that has made me smile at Catholic Federal over the many years I have been a member. Opening an account, depositing my first check, buying my first car, paying off my college loans in the drive thru ( and whooping it up as my kids thought mom had lost her mind)! Most recently it was after 42 years realizing all on my own, I can qualify for an auto loan without the need of my husband or cosigner. To know multiple member service representatives over the years have helped me to try to make smart decisions that are in my best interest as well as they continue to advise me. The relationship I have with CFCU overall brings a smile to my face as other banks have failed to maintain my loyalty. So thank you! Job well done!
Local Feel!
1/31/2016 9:45 AM Vickie M. from Vassar, MI
Every time I go in to our local branch, the folks who work there are incredibly friendly and engaging. I leave smiling every time! They have ALWAYS been helpful no matter the business I am in there for and NEVER fail to give this branch a local feel. I appreciate them very much.
1/31/2016 11:09 AM James G. from Saginaw, MI
I have nine monthly bills. ALL are paid automatically. I check each one as they show up on my check list. I have been with Catholic Federal for over ten years and I cannot remember one error in payments. My social security check is deposited monthly like a clock. Personal service is outstanding. I am always greeted with a smile. These girls know what they are doing. I am 72 years old and I cannot explain the feeling of security I have with Catholic Federal. I have told many friends about Catholic Federal and I know that many have joined. Thanks for every thing and keep up the fine work.
Heading out of town...
1/31/2016 1:42 PM Dana S. from Saginaw, MI
I was heading out of town to Petoskey for my son's hockey tournament with hotel reservations, gas, and other expenses that would be due. I stopped at CFCU on State St., Saginaw to get cash to have on hand. I was informed their computers were down! "OH NOOOO", I thought..."what AM I going to do!" We COULD not miss the tournament! The service representative assured me that CFCU was extending a $200 per day credit to all members during the outage. I could not have been more relieved & happy! Sometimes bad things happen that are not preventable, but CFCU had a plan in place to not let their unfortunate situation affect their members! Thanks CFCU! BTW, we won the tournament!!
special member
1/31/2016 1:46 PM marty e. from Bay City, MI
Well I've been with Catholic Federal for years. I feel real special with your services. I came down with an illness that forced me into early disability retirement and I do alot of my banking on the phone.You treat me like I am important. I thank you and your staff on Euclid Avenue in Bay City. I will continue to bank with you and would tell my friends and family and co workers.that you are the Best bank in town. Thank you very much.
a reason to smile
1/31/2016 6:15 PM David S. from Saginaw, MI
I started with the credit union when I was in grade school in the first Catholic credit union at St. Joseph in Saginaw, MI. As I look back it taught me the value of saving. The credit union grew into what is now Catholic Federal. With its growth I grew to be in the position I am now. The credit union has always been there for me.Thank You Catholic Federal!
Funding my future
1/31/2016 7:40 PM Jacquelyn B. from Lansing, MI
After high school, I knew I wanted to go to college but I wasn't sure what I wanted to study. I spent a few semesters exploring different courses and eventually decided upon a transfer agreement with Central Michigan University to earn my bachelor's degree in public relations. While I was completing my prerequisite courses at Delta, I became a member of Catholic Federal Credit Union and was welcomed warmly as a member of the friendly community. I later applied for the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship and was honored to receive a $500 scholarship to help fund my education. This helped immensely with covering the cost of books to finish my associate degree at Delta and transfer to CMU. I am now pursuing my master's degree at Davenport and still appreciate the financial help from Catholic Federal Credit Union, which helped to get me where I am today!
Why CFCU made me smile
1/31/2016 8:09 PM Daniel W. from Birch Run, MI
First of all, I'd like to say that every time my wife or I have had to talk with a CFCU loan specialist, we have always been impressed with their friendliness and knowledge. The last time we stopped in, my wife and I wanted to consolodate some loans and combine our checking accounts. The loan specialist who took care of us went out of her way to make sure every one of our questions were answered and our needs were taken care of. By the time we left, both my wife and I felt a lot better about our financial situation and were smiling. I am proud to be a CFCU member......
1/31/2016 9:09 PM an anonymous user.
I have 3 young daughters and every visit we make to the credit union is always an adventure for us! They love using the money machine to count their coins. They get excited to talk to the teller and make the deposit into their account. I appreciate that the tellers are always so kind to myself and my family. They do not rush the children and they help to facilitate the learning process of money management! Also, I have sent my mother to get assistance with loan consolidation. She worked with the loan advisor and they really helped her to get on track and save some money each month so she could live a little easier. I cannot say enough good things about the credit union! I look forward to many more years, and many more smiles from our interactions! PS- The girls say to keep the suckers coming - that's the best part! ;)
They Make Me Smile!
1/31/2016 10:13 PM an anonymous user.
Catholic Federal makes me feel just as welcome as they did years ago when my grandmother was a member along with me and my sister. The teller's are friendly and always smiling and that makes me smile. It's always wonderful to see someone who enjoys their job. Thanks CFCU Family
Saved the day!
2/1/2016 11:14 AM Kayla T. from Saginaw, MI
Last year my school didn't get my financial aid processed in time for payment deadline. CFCU was able to get my loan application processed and approved on my lunch hour so I could pay for my tuition by 6pm! Thank you CFCU!!
2011 Jetta
2/1/2016 12:18 PM Lois M. from Brant, MI
We purchased a 2011 Jetta and financed through the dealer and a few weeks later Catholic Federal contacted us to tell us they could finance the vehicle at a lower rate of interest and save us some money. Not everyone goes out of their way to look into financing and save member's money. CFCU has been very good to us at saving money on our loans and explaining how to do it.
Catholic Federal Saved Our Company
2/1/2016 2:17 PM Leonard M. from Saginaw, MI
In the 1980's, through the diligence of the employees at Catholic Federal, a large embezzlement from our company was discovered. The state police were notified and records and evidence were recovered immediately the following week. The credit union's president, Mr. Adams, (now retired) asked me to meet with him to discuss the situation. He immediately issued me a loan of over six figures to be able to continue to operate our business. Bills for health insurance, wages, stock and commissions to our customers were owed. We were able to satisfy most debts owed, but commissions had to be paid over a period of time. A couple large entities did not agree with our payment schedule and as a result we lost their business. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice by our employees and family, but we were able to continue to operate and maintain the business. We will never forget the quick service given by Mr. Adams and Catholic Federal C.U., as we were able to continue rather than declare bankruptcy. We thank Catholic Federal again (everyone in the family has active accounts here).
When I Needed Them Most
2/1/2016 2:18 PM Katherine G. from Grand Rapids, MI
A couple weeks ago, my wallet was stolen out of my purse while I was at the gym. I didn't notice it was gone until the next day, when I was packing for a flight. When I realized what had happened, I started to panic. I called Catholic Federal as I drove to the airport and they immediately canceled all my cards and sent me replacements. Everything was taken care of before I even boarded my flight. They were extremely helpful and efficient and I felt much calmer knowing I had them there with me. I lost a lot that day -- my Christmas bonus, my credit cards, my driver's license -- but thanks to Catholic Federal Credit Union, I never lost my sense of security.
My grandpa
2/1/2016 3:53 PM Sara B. from Saginaw, MI
The last time I made a deposit the teller asked if I had a joint account? I said no. Then she looked & said I see Santo on your account. It reminded me my grandpa opened the account for me decades ago & he's since passed. It was a nice reminder of the kindness my grandpa had for all his grandkids. He opened us all accounts & put $2 a week from his pay checks into our accounts. We all got control when we graduated high school. He taugh us a lot about saving $ & not having debt.
2/1/2016 6:04 PM JEFF R. from SAGINAW, MI
I signed up for home banking several years ago and it has proved to be the best service Catholic Federal could offer their members. I am able to manage all of my monthly bills, sending out payments automatically, without the need to address envelopes, stamps, and deposit in the mail box. I have recently set auto pay for all of my monthly bills, giving me peace of mind that they all will be paid on time, even when I'm away on vacation. I would and do recommend Catholic Federal Credit Union for all banking needs.
Member Service
2/2/2016 10:42 AM an anonymous user.
As I work in the city of Saginaw, I mainly visit the Washington branch as it is just down the road from me. There is NEVER a time when I walk in that your employees are anything but downright friendly and make you feel welcome walking in to the door :) Your employees are one of the main reasons I bank with you!
How CFCU Helped Further My Education
2/2/2016 2:16 PM Megan G. from Saginaw, MI
As I was preparing to graduate from high school, I was weighing out my options for college and if I could afford to pursue my dream to further my education. One day, it was brought to my attention that Catholic Federal Credit Union offered the Monsignor Forbes scholarship to Catholic Federal Credit Union members. So, I sent in my application the next day with the hopes that this scholarship would help me pursue higher education. Thanks to the Monsignor Forbes scholarship, I have been able to attend Saginaw Valley State University for three years now. I greatly appreciate Catholic Federal Credit Union for providing me with the opportunity to become something great. Now that I am doing research on applying for loans, I have realized how Catholic Federal Credit Union takes care of its members by having low interest rates. I am proud to call myself a Catholic Federal Credit Union member and I plan to be a lifetime member. Thank you Catholic Federal Credit Union :)
A new beginning
2/2/2016 4:41 PM an anonymous user.
I had just been through a divorce and was responsible for more debt than I could handle. I was trying to raise my son with as little upheaval as possible but I kept hitting a wall of adversity. I was full time, but my hours kept getting reduced and the load was unmanageable. I sought credit counseling and it worked for a very short time until my debt to income ratio was impossible. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy. I remember walking out of the attorney's office after it was final, feeling like a failure. It was hard to deal with. First the car was repossessed. Then the little camper was sold. I remember vividly, my son crying saying, "'Mommy, they are taking our camper!". It was awful. I was remarried after 2 years and during those 2 years, I worked very hard at proving I was a good credit risk. The house I had been renting was a 2 bedroom and my husband has 3 girls! We slept on a mattress on the living room floor and gave the bedrooms to the kids. After 10 months of these sleeping arrangements, it was time to look for a home!
I wrote a letter to the Mortgage Loan Committee at Catholic Federal explaining what had happened, how hard I was continually working to improve my credit, and that I was looking for a lending institution to take a chance on me for a mortgage. They approved my husband and me for a mortgage! You don't get that kind of service from a large financial institution! Personal service. Personal care. I recommend Catholic Federal to anyone that asks where they should do their banking. I am a firm believer in Catholic Federal Credit Union!!!
Off to College
2/3/2016 11:13 PM Hunter K. from Saginaw, MI
Catholic Federal has given me endless reasons to smile ever since going away to college. CFCU has given me the opportunity to chase my dreams and attend Michigan State University where I am a packaging major. Most people might not know this, but the School of Packaging at Michigan State University is ranked number 1 in the nation. That alone makes me smile whenever I tell people what my major is. If it was not for the private student loan I received from Catholic Federal Credit Union, I am not sure I would have been able to afford to attend such an amazing university and receive the education I need to follow my dreams of hopefully working in the medical device packaging industry after graduation! Thank you Catholic Federal for giving me the opportunity to always smile knowing that I am receiving a top notch education!
Always Greeting With a Smile
2/4/2016 7:03 PM an anonymous user.
My story is simple. Whenever I enter Catholic Federal I am always greeted with a smile and a hello from the tellers, the person in the cubicle to the right and Marilyn from her office. I hate being around people that are contagious, but in this environment smiles are very contagious and embraced by all! Thank you for making your members feel so special!!!
My First Car!
2/5/2016 10:58 AM Caitlyn W. from Crown Point, IN
Fresh out of college, my old beater of a car had died for good in my driveway. I just got a new job and had never bought a car on my own before. Catholic Federal had been my family's bank and my personal bank since I was a little girl. I remember my dad taking me to the branch on Cass Ave, Bay City as a little girl and showing me the banking steps for my future from graduation checks to my first job direct deposits. Catholic Federal is a big part of my family's financial life and I knew I could place my complete trust in them to provide me with a loan for my car. I filled out the online form and the same day I received a call from my bank telling me I was approved for the car I had fallen in love with. I was so overjoyed that I could get the car of my dreams with payments that I could afford each month! Not to mention an interest rate that is lower than my school loans! Thank you Catholic Federal! You have a very satisfied member of over 15 years!
Thank God for GAP insurance
2/5/2016 2:55 PM Matthew F. from Saginaw, MI
When signing my auto loan, I worked with my member services rep to cross all the T's and dot the I's - at the time of signing I didn't know what GAP insurance was. My member services rep took the time to explain it to me, and showed me the low cost of having it. Fast forward to today... I was in a car accident and the GAP insurance is seriously saving my butt, and I have CFCU to thank for that. The accident was almost a month ago, and I'm still smiling!!! Thanks CFCU!
finances under control now
2/6/2016 8:58 AM an anonymous user.
I joined Catholic Federal Credit Union in 2014. Within a very short time they approved me for a personal loan that helped me get back on track and I was approved for a credit card to help with getting my credit score up higher. Everything was going good. Then I had some repairs that needed to be done on my home, auto and some medical bills, so I accumulated some extra bills. I decide to apply for another loan to get everything rolled into one payment and was approved. I got a really good rate, paid everything off, and lowered my monthly payment. The best thing about it is, it is only a 4 year loan and I can apply more to payment if I want to and not be penalized for it. Since I have done this I am starting to able to save a little money each month and my credit score went up about 25 points. Thank you Catholic Federal for everything you do for your members.
Taking a Chance
2/6/2016 11:49 AM an anonymous user.
My husband & I were paying a high price for our debt. It was no one's fault, but our own. When we paid the debt in full, we still could not get the best rates or loans we needed for an auto. We had bought used cars for cash but they were costing more to fix. Catholic Federal took a chance on us and gave us great interest rates & we have new vehicles that have made our lives easier & safer. Thanks so much!
First Credit Card
2/7/2016 9:34 PM an anonymous user.
Catholic Federal was so helpful in getting me set up with my first credit card when I was just starting out. I had been denied by many other financial institutions that did not even try to help me out. I just wanted to get my credit history started and wasn't looking for a large limit. Catholic Federal was the only local Credit Union willing to take the time and explain to me my options. I was set up with a secured Visa and was able to get my credit history started. I was so happy to finally be helped and treated like a valued member.
New Addition
2/8/2016 7:18 AM an anonymous user.
My wife and I recently had our a second child. We decided to sit down one night and go over all of our bills. With putting our second child into daycare at the end of my wife's maternity leave, we realized that money was going to be very tight. My wife and I had seperate bank accounts, at seperate banks. I told her that she should go into my credit union, Catholic Federal, and talk to a loan officer about consolidate her credit cards and personal loans. My wife talked to member service representative Rachael. After going over all the payments and options, Rachael was able to consolidate all my wife's debt and ended up saving us over $400 a month. With having a young family where both parents work full time, this made us so happy. This will make it so moneys not so tight and give us a little room to breath. We couldn't thank Rachael and Catholic Federal enough!!!!
Simply Exceptional Service
2/9/2016 9:05 AM Jeffrey C. from Saginaw, MI
I stop into my local CFCU once a week to deposit my check. Every time I walk in the front door I am greeted with a friendly "hello" from the tellers. The service provided to me and to all at CFCU is CONSISTENTLY EXCEPTIONAL. Of course, I never forget a lollipop on my way out. CFCU has been my bank for my entire life and it will remain so. And finally, thank you to all the employees at my local Catholic Federal Credit Union. Keep up the good work!
Take advantage of Member Services
2/9/2016 9:19 AM Deanna S. from Saint Charles, MI
It really pays to have a high credit score. With Catholic Federal pre-authorized withdrawals my payments are never late and I never receive a late charge. It's easy to set it up and your good credit will be glad you did it.
Thank You CFCU
2/9/2016 1:46 PM an anonymous user.
1966 brought us to Catholic Federal Credit Union. Having graduated from St. Mary's, joining the credit union made sense when I got married. Bob Adams was the man on Hoyt Street to see for good advice. Bob assisted us on car loans, debt consolidation and a mortgage to obtain a new home. Later in our pre-retirement years, Bob helped us with a building loan and then the mortgage to finalize the loan for our "Golden Years". The excellence of Bob Adams and the staff at Catholic Federal has been nothing but professional for all the years we have been members. Thank You Everyone!!
Refi Savings
2/9/2016 8:02 PM an anonymous user.
We always get excellent service when dealing with CFCU. But this past year we decided to refinance our home mortgage. Rebecca Swanson made us feel so comfortable through the whole process and the over $200 a month savings brought a big smile to our face. Thanks again Rebecca.
branch manager
2/10/2016 11:13 AM Mary Lou L. from Essexville, MI
I was going through a very difficult time because a family member had breached my bank account and had been using it without my knowledge. Making a police report on a family member is stressful because although they have hurt me, I did not want to hurt them. I understood the reasons why they did what they did, not that it was okay, but it was understandable and enormously sad. The branch manager in Essexville was very empathic and supportive. She encouraged me to follow through with the police report all the time knowing how hard it was for me to do. She helped me recover a good portion of my funds and helped me set up a new account. She made the situation bearable with the support she provided. I love the Essexville office, the tellers are always pleasant and greet me by name. It makes me feel great.
2/10/2016 2:05 PM an anonymous user.
After being widowed and later divorced, I found that as a single woman the guidelines for obtaining a mortgage when I needed it in 1999 were less than receptive at the savings and loan due to having little credit history in my own name. My employer began doing his payroll account through Catholic Federal Credit Union which made me a member, too. As a non-Catholic, I had slight hope of having a positive experience in applying for a mortgage for a home in Saginaw Township, but also had not much to lose by trying. Nervously I went in to see a mortgage loan officer. She had a small plaque on the wall beyond her desk which spoke of the power of angels. When she left the room to process my completed application, I silently let that angel know that I really needed a hand up. Much to my surprise, when she returned after what seemed a very long time, she said I was being approved. Years ago I had worked for a small credit union in another part of Michigan, yet I had forgotten how much we had participated with our members as one family unit. My mortgage and other financial experiences at Catholic Federal brought that lesson back home again. Thanks to all of the angels at Catholic Federal.
Unlike anywhere else!
2/10/2016 3:08 PM an anonymous user.
My husband and I ran into financial difficulties when I was on maternity leave and my employer decided not to resign my contract. This was a huge hit for us and completely unexpected. The loan department went above and beyond anything we could have expected anywhere else! They truly showed empathy for our situation and made it as easy for us as possible, especially when we had to bring all three of our young children in while we signed the papers. No other credit union has made us feel this stable in an unstable economy. Catholic Federal is truly a valuable institution, that works for their members to have a peace of mind. Thank you!
Account Protection
2/10/2016 4:11 PM Mary Ann B. from Beaverton, MI
We have been notified on two separate occasions, by Catholic Federal, checking on suspicious activity on our credit card. They stopped the predators in their tracks. The credit union caught it, and we were/are very impressed and thankful! (and we brag about this service)
Ask and You Shall Receive
2/10/2016 11:46 PM Kathryn M. from Essexville, MI
I've always been one to pray to God, but as life gets hectic I sometimes forget to be thankful for all I have until I find myself needing help, but not wanting to ask God for any financial gain. We are a family of four and our lives center around our children. They have always been our first priority, and therefore for the last 20 years I had only worked part time. I have not regretted this decision, but it has made our lives a bit more interesting regarding finances. So when we developed a large balance on a few credit cards, I began to panic. Not only am I the Momma for our children, I am also CFO of our household. I tried moving the balance to another institution only to discover my minimum payment went UP in the transfer. I begged them to help me to no avail. "Why would I chose to make things more difficult?" I said. With no help, again I turned to God in my moment of need.. yes.. financial need. And then there it was "LOW RATE FOR THE LIFE OF THE LOAN" I went into the credit union, and within an hour I had relieved the stress of the situation because I looked at the sign at Catholic Federal just in time! I am grateful to our God because I truly talked out loud and said "Yes, I ask, and you answer." Thank you Catholic Federal for becoming part of our family.
There in a time of Need
2/11/2016 3:41 PM Sarah R. from Traverse City, MI
My husband and I had purchased a home when prices were low and loans were plenty. A few short years after we purchased our home the housing market collapsed and the home was not worth anywhere near what we bought it for. Our mortgage was being sold time and time again with an increase in payment every time. Our mortgage payment was nearly double what it was when we originally purchased the house. I was a full time student and my husband worked hard to keep our family treading water. When we tried to refinance with other financial institutions they nearly laughed us out of the building because our house wasn't worth what they needed. We went to Catholic Federal Credit Union where we have been members since childhood and they did everything in their power to help us. Got us into a mortgage we could afford to pay every month and were ready and willing to answer any questions we had throughout the process. Thank you Catholic Federal for being there for us in our time of need. Even though we no longer live in the area we continue to entrust our financial needs to Catholic Federal Credit Union!
Affordable Payments
2/12/2016 10:53 AM Rebecca B. from Bay City, MI
Catholic Federal was the only institution that would allow me to consolidate my high interest credit cards into a personal loan. Although I had a great credit score, my debt-to-income ratio was high. Other financial institutions would not approve me for a loan. It was so frustrating! Catholic Federal set me up with a personal loan that had a low interest rate and an affordable monthly payment. I have saved so much money and no longer stress about payments! I can't thank Catholic Federal for seeing a person and not a number. You have helped my financial well-being immensely and I am so grateful! Both my husband and I will be lifelong members. It is so nice to have financial peace of mind.
Loan In Kalamazoo, Bank in Saginaw
2/12/2016 12:16 PM Linda M. from Galesburg, MI
There is no better feeling than getting the best loan rate and approval for a used car loan on a Saturday morning from 180 miles away! I live in southwest Michigan and was interested in a car at a local dealership. The only time I could take the van out for a test drive was on a Saturday morning and it was a perfect purchase. The salesman at the dealership rambled on about their great GMAC financing and how it was the best in the auto market. When he was done writing up the quote, I called Catholic Federal Credit Union, my personal loan financier since joining in 1986. In a matter of only fifteen minutes my CFCU loan representative had reported that I was eligible for a loan for the van and the rate was a full 1/4% less than the best the dealership could offer. This is why I have been a member of Catholic Federal Credit Union for nearly 30 years! I have conducted loan applications in SW Michigan and Wisconsin and have never had a complicated loan process. CFCU has never disappointed me no matter where I live in the US.
Love my Credit Union
2/14/2016 6:12 PM Lynn C. from Saginaw, MI
The reason I smile everytime I pass by on State St., Saginaw is because the auto loan that I received with a low interest rate is allowing me to drive the car I really enjoy!
Just a click away!
2/16/2016 11:29 AM STEVE S. from saginaw, MI
Catholic Federal Credit Union's online bill pay has made my bill paying so much easier. All I had to do is enroll by logging into my Home Banking account and set it up. Now I can pay any bill or send a check to anyone. Thanks Again Catholic Federal...
Unexpected challenges
2/16/2016 2:08 PM an anonymous user.
Leaving work one afternoon and a car ran an intersection and slammed into me causing both airbags to deploy. After being off work for almost two years, three surgeries, and no income, I was in a deep hole. When I went into Catholic Federal and explained my situation, they were amazing!!!. They allowed me to just pay the interest on my auto loan, refinanced my credit card and signature loan into one loan, so my credit would stay good. They were really helpful in a time when you need them. Just really amazing people!
2/16/2016 6:18 PM Ernie F. from Saginaw, MI
When the Credit Union started in the Rectory of St. Mary Cathedral, the committee headed up by the manager Joe Garcia, gave me a $15,000.00 loan to buy into a Archway Cookie Franchise, delivery truck and all. As my business grew, Catholic Federal Credit Union helped with that expansion. The Credit Union also helped with the expansion of my family. First the Credit Union supplied us with a loan for our apartment home, and then with the funds to buy some property at the lake, where we built a cottage and spent our summers for forty years. When it came time for my wife and me to spend time together, Catholic Federal allowed us to get a motor home and enjoy ourselves traveling this great state and country. Because Catholic Federal was so good to us I wanted to give back by being a credit union board member for many years. I even had some input when Bob Adams was brought in as manager. We now have FOUR generations of our family as Catholic Federal Credit Union members. All have benefited from your many services. Some have even benefited from the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship Fund. CFCU is the only financial company we have ever needed to deal with. We could write a detailed book about our wonderful life, all thanks to Catholic Federal Credit Union, "THANK YOU".
Lifelong service for lifelong education
2/17/2016 4:29 PM an anonymous user.
I have had an account at Catholic Federal Credit Union for over 22 years. My parents opened up my account very shortly after I was born in November of 1993 and I have had it ever since. I am supposed to explain how “CFCU gave me a reason to smile.” Well, as I sit writing this with less than one semester left before I receive my undergraduate degree and a few months before I begin my journey in medical school I find myself smiling, thinking about how far I have come in my schooling which has been greatly impacted by this credit union. School is expensive.Imagine a mother and father who decided to send their kids (three children to be exact) to private schools until they turned 18, then insisted on paying for all three of them to attend Michigan State University. On top of this, all three of their children aspire to attend a professional school of some sort in which they plan on helping pay for as well. This little story describes my family and I will forever be thankful for everything my parents have done for me especially in the realm of my education. But how does this relate to Catholic Federal? First off, I am not the only one with an account at CFCU in my family. Every cent that my parents have put toward the many years of schooling, I have received has gone through Catholic Federal. Secondly, I have received CFCU’s affiliated scholarship, the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship, for the last four years, which always goes directly to our family’s “tuition account” to help pay for school. Lastly, over my 22 years of life I have used the account that was opened for me to save money wherever I could. I have used the help of many Catholic Federal Credit Union employees to direct me in the best ways to save this money until I finally need it. Now, in a few short months when I head off to medical school, I will use a lot of this money to pay for books, fees, and anything else that come along at school including furniture and rent for an apartment. Also if the time ever comes where I need to take a loan out to finish medical school I will of course go to CFCU. I have entrusted my savings for over 22 years here and will continue to do so. With the ways this establishment and the people that are a part of it have helped me further my education, I cannot help but smile.
When I needed Help
2/18/2016 9:58 AM Sandra K. from Midland, MI
Catholic Federal has been there for us I don't now how many times. Whenever we have needed a loan, you have always exceeded our expectations. There was one time above all that you truly went beyond. We were financially struggling with debt and I had consulted with Green Path and was debating on using their services. I didn't want to because I did not want our credit to be damaged and honestly, we had gotten ourselves in the mess we were in so I wanted to get us out on our own. So down to the path of recovery, I sat down with one of the loan officers to discuss my current loans and to see if I could lower my payments. Despite the standard rule that Catholic Federal does not refinance current loans, they made an exception, gave me a better rate and lowered my payments. The help gave us the opportunity to begin our road of recovery and avoid any other path that would have damaged our credit. Thank you Catholic Federal for being there for us, and helping us when we needed it most. We have been loyal customers of your for over 20 years and will continue to be.

Beautiful Smiles
2/18/2016 11:05 AM Alex M. from Saginaw, MI
No matter which Catholic Federal branch I go to, I always get beautiful smiles. We go between the State St., Saginaw branch or the one on Washington and it does not matter who waits on us; its always the same sweet beautiful smiles. Keep up the good positive attitude and smile, smile, smile. (-:
Members for Years
2/18/2016 12:16 PM MARY V. from BAY CITY, MI
My family has been with Catholic Federal for many years. We have used many of the services and have been very happy with your services. We were having financial problems with excessive debt and were advised to contact Accel, a free financial counseling program available for members of the credit union. We were able to pay off credit card debt without paying high interest rates. When our sons finished high school, they applied for a Msgr. Forbes scholarship and were awarded funds for college. Our home and our cars are insured through Liberty Mutual at a reduced rate for CFCU members. Over the years, when we needed personal loans and car loans, we have had the pleasure of working with Kristy and all the staff at the Euclid, Bay City office.

Like I never left home
2/18/2016 4:22 PM Fr. Jose C. from Bay City, MI
I was away in Rome doing graduate studies for three years and the only banking I did was through Catholic Federal. While I saw my other priest friends have problems all the time with their "big banks", I never had any issues. And the one time an Italian ATM failed, Catholic Federal employees helped me through it on the phone and solved the issue. Whether I am home in the Great Lakes area or anywhere in the world, Catholic Federal employees treat you so well that you feel like you never leave home. Happy Anniversary!
Financing online
2/18/2016 8:20 PM Dan S. from Fenton, MI
It was necessary to get a vehicle for my daughter to use for commuting to college. Her previous car died and was not worth repairing. I was on a business trip to Italy. I was able to get the car financed from my smart phone in Italy. I was very impressed and very much appreciated that I was able to finance the car with very little inconvienience to my work schedule.
2/19/2016 8:01 AM Bridget M. from Saginaw, MI
Sandy from the Washington, Saginaw branch is amazing! I have grown up banking with her. She is always friendly and is excited to have a quick chat while completing my transaction. She always goes above and beyond her job, whether it is discussing the CD rates or how to set up my daughter's new savings account. I always look forward to seeing her when I visit the Washington location.
What banking should be!
2/19/2016 8:51 AM Zack P. from Bay City, MI
Let me start out my saying I have been with multiple banks, with some decent experiences, as well as very terrible ones. My mother and step father have been members of this credit union for many years now and always had great things to say about it. I decided I would make the switch and apply for an account with CFCU. I will tell you, it has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! I was in a very rough spot financially, and regarding my credit situation. I was originally helped by Jody from the Cass Ave., Bay City location and I instantly knew I was making the right choice to switch based on her passion and care for the member. She was able to give me a new chance when a lot of other credit unions turned me away. I got an opportunity checking account, savings account, debit card with reward points even, and to top it all off, even a secured visa card and overdraft line of credit. Every associate I ever deal with is so knowledgeable and friendly that I am constantly smiling everytime I step foot in the credit union. I don't dread having to go deal with a teller anymore. Since I've joined about a year ago, my finances have really turned for the better, as well as my credit score increasing greatly due to the support Jody and staff has provided me along the way! Every gal in the Cass Ave. Office knows my son and myself by name. They are always quick to give him a sucker/sticker or even a big hug. My son is always excited to go see everyone, especially when it's time to get his prize for his bee card. Overall I have even truly blessed to be given the opportunity to bank with CFCU, and recommend that everyone give these wonderful folks a try!
Catholic Federal in a nutshell
2/19/2016 9:50 AM Eric V. from Bay City, MI
Catholic Federal is hands down the best credit union I have worked with hands down .. I have never walked into a branch and felt like a "number" but much of a valid member . I have years of history between the Essexville branch and the Bay City (Euclid ave.) and within those years from seeking financial advice to taking out several loans (Personal,Auto ect.) to more unfortunate things such as fraudulent charges being handled and so on, with that all being said, I have never left unsatified, unsure or confused. All of that was brought to me by the great staff members this credit union decides to feel worthy as hiring as staff members.. I could go on and on about the friendships I've obtained with staff members and other feel good storys I have endured here but I would like to end this with a simple thank you for the years of positive banking I'm looking forward to the years to come!
A Check Oops
2/19/2016 11:30 AM William M. from Saginaw, MI
I received a check from my wife for a particular reimbursement and went by CFCU to deposit it. I drove up to the ATM and made the deposit. After I got back home, I realized that I had forgotten to endorse it. So I called member services. After connecting with Marsha, she put me on hold and went to check it out. After she came back, said the they would mark it for deposit only and accept it so I would not have to return to the credit union. Thanks, CFCU.
When you're feeling low
2/19/2016 7:40 PM an anonymous user.
When you're young, just starting out on your own, you feel very little in this world and some times you hit a lot of brick walls in the process of trying to figure everything out for yourself. Some times you don't want to ask for help because you hate the sound of rejection or judgement from your superiors and get yourself into a spot that you really can not climb out of on your own. A few years ago, I hit that spot. I had a great full time job and a somewhat dependable vehicle to get back and forth between school, work, and home, but one thing out of all those two decided to fail on me. I was on my way to work when my engine in my vehicle seized and that was the down fall from there. I had to call into work half hour before my shift knowing I let my team down and knowing I had no idea what to do from that point because normally a reliable vehicle means you can get to this great job and without it, you really have nothing. I hit a huge brick wall trying to push and shove to find a financial institution to help me with a loan seeing how I had barely started building a credit report. That's when my silver lining came to my rescue, Catholic Federal gave me a rough estimate on what I could get for an auto loan through them and my week of hitting into brick walls, not wanting to ask family for help became so much better. With the help of Catholic Federal I was able to get back up on my feet and have a different reliable dependable vehicle to tote myself around in without bugging some one else about money or crying because I came close to losing my job. That was one of my biggest achievements just starting out my adult life and I will never forget it!
A Catholic Story ...
2/21/2016 8:21 PM Kathleen F. from Midland, MI
In 1998 I was diagnosed with Multiplemyeloma & Plasmacytoma Cancer. My husband and four children stuck to me by my side. We had many bills and Catholic Federal always supported us and treated us like "family". My husband and his family have been with the credit union for over 50 years ~ Thank you CFCU for being part of our family. Thank you!
Helping me get back on track
2/22/2016 11:30 AM an anonymous user.
I was a couple years removed from divorce and bankruptcy. My only options for financing were the high interest rates offered by the buy here pay here businesses. One day I was at the Cass Ave, Bay City location and the manager happened to ask me about my current auto loan and asked why I didn't choose them. I explained my situation and thought I wouldn't get approved. She asked me to bring in my information, we reviewed and she submitted the loan. The loan was approved and I was able to move the loan to CFCU saving me approx 20% in interest. She also helped me straighten out my credit report/score. She went above and beyond in my book, demonstrating to me what I was told when I joined CFCU. "Improve the financial well being of our members." I have since brought my business to CFCU for 4 loans, I will be a member for life.
Compassion and Kindness
2/24/2016 8:59 AM an anonymous user.
In 2008, like many families in our area, we experienced a devastating financial hardship and job loss which ultimately sent us into bankruptcy and loss of our home. Nothing we had imagined we would ever face. Catholic Federal worked with us to restablish our credit and we were able to work with them on a small mortgage. We cannot express enough how compassionate and kind everyone was to us. Catholic Federal absolutely gave us hope and a light at the end of a tunnel. We will be forever grateful for their help and are customers for life. I sing their praises to everyone! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our story.
Expanding Family
2/24/2016 9:57 AM Katti R. from Saginaw, MI
My family expanded for it's last time and we needed a different vehicle. Catholic Federal brought an ever lasting smile to my face helping my husband and I to secure our auto loan at a great rate for our new family vehicle. The kids have enough room and no longer have to argue about who is looking out whose window.
Building Memories
2/24/2016 10:02 AM Brandt R. from Saginaw, MI
Catholic Federal helped us purchase our 5th wheel at an affordable rate and payment. They put a smile on all five of our families faces because we get to build many memories up north unplugged. No phone, no xbox, no cable. Just each other and the outdoors.
Helping Like Family
2/25/2016 4:15 PM Jessica H. from Essexville, MI
Catholic Federal is much more than just a credit union, it is a family away from home. Over my short 18 years of life, I have come to realize that while money is not everything in life, it does seem to pop up often enough. My family has struggled with what I am sure plagues most nowadays. My family went through being laid off of work, having to deal with medical bills piling up and all the while trying to push one daughter through college while preparing the other one for high school. Through all of this I have learned that it is incredibly important who you trust with your financial matters and my family stands by me in saying that Catholic Federal has given us a second chance. Without the outstanding member services that they have provided us and the hospitality to compliment that, I'm not sure where we would be as a family unit. Thank you, Catholic Federal, for giving me a reason to smile!
2/25/2016 4:40 PM Penny H. from St. Charles, MI
Catholic Federal makes me smile every time I need them. Auto loans and a scholarship for my son really make me smile. Their kind friendly services makes me want to go back.
Friendly and Very Helpful
2/26/2016 10:41 AM janet M. from Petoskey, MI
I have lived in Petoskey, MI for at least 25 years and thought about changing banks to Petoskey, but I love working with the people at Catholic Federal. The distance is shortened because of online banking and all I have to do is call and I get immediate attention. You have a wonderful staff and I appreciate your assistance every time I call. Thank You, Thank You So Much!
My First Car!
2/26/2016 1:30 PM Anthony F. from Saginaw, MI
CFCU really made me smile when they approved my loan for my first ever car purchase! A beautiful 2012 Chevy Volt! I love my car and I am so grateful to CFCU for helping me!
2/26/2016 4:03 PM Deborah B. from Saginaw, MI
I called the State Street Office today to inquire about getting a loan to go on vacation with my family. I explained to Abby that my nephew, my sister's only child had passed away last month. All 3 of my sisters are going to Florida to visit my brother. I told her that the reason for the loan was because I really wanted to be there with my sister and with out the loan I would not be able to go. Abby called back and not only did she get the amount I was asking for, but consolidated a credit credit card in with this loan for me. Abby went above and way beyond for me. I was crying because she made my day by helping me not only with a enough to go with my family, but getting a high interest card paid off and a lower interest rate with the credit union. I LOVE CATHOLIC FEDERAL. THANK YOU ABBY!
10 years strong
2/27/2016 5:12 AM Jacob R. from Saginaw, MI
I've been a Catholic Federal member since I started high school 10 years ago, and I've always been extremely happy with them. I've never had any issues, their staff is always friendly, fast, and efficient. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years! Hearing so many horror stories about other banks and credit unions, it's nice to know I'm a member of a credit union where I feel at home surrounded by friends.
Feeling Welcome
2/29/2016 12:04 AM an anonymous user.
Hi everyone...I have tried other credit unions in the tri-city area and Catholic Federal Credit was the only one that made me feel very welcome from opening up a new savings account to a new checking account to using their loan department and the online banking. It has been a great experience thus far and I'm sure it will only get better! Kudos to all who have helped me when I needed it the most, the employees are great and always have a smile on their face and are also very down to earth even when talking to Member Services loan officers over the phone. I always feel very welcome! Once again, thank you Catholic Federal Credit Union Family!!!
How she made me smile.
2/29/2016 9:03 AM an anonymous user.
Each and every Friday I come into Catholic Federal to cash my check. I always make sure I open the doors for an elder rather if they are in front of me or behind me. One Friday I had used the cash check via iphone app, well my picture didn't turn out to great and I had a strong feeling it wasn't going to be accepted. So I went into the branch to double check. I began to explain why I was there and to see if I could just cash the check there rather then wait until 5pm to see if the cash check worked via mobile app. She quickly went to the phones to double check for me to see if they could either push the check through or cancel the online cashing. The lady came back about several minutes later explaining, luckily this time they were able to hault the cash check via mobile app and able to put the check through there at the branch. Then begun explaining that the representative had said that my picture wasn't clear enough and my check would have been rejected on the app. After this is all said and done, the lady was able to cash my check that day, deposit some money for me, and also withdrew some money for me as well. I have a car payment automatically pulling payment out at the end of each Friday, so to me she saved the day! I feel as if no matter who is representing Catholic Federal they are very, very friendly, so respectful, and always on their game!
Feel good moment
2/29/2016 11:32 AM Chandler B. from Bay City , MI
I remember when I was 16, I got my first job at Burger King and my sister encouraged me to get a bank account so I could start saving at a young age. Shortly after I opened my account my 1992 Grand Am broke down and I needed a new vehicle, but didn't yet have the funds to support it. My parents unfortunately didn't have good enough credit to co-sign on a loan for me, luckily, my 85 year old grandpa did. My grandpa and I went to Catholic Federal to apply for a loan and were treated with amazing service. We didn't set up an appointment, but still didn't need to wait long to meet with the representative and when we met with her she was more than kind. My grandpa was very confused as to why they needed his credit and bank account information (he hadn't applied for a loan in 40+ years) and wasn't being as compliant as he could have been. Instead of the Catholic Federal representative getting angry or rude, she was very nice and explained the process for getting loans had changed and it was necessary to ensure he could cover the loan. My grandpa and I both appreciated their understanding and I will always remember how kind and patient, not just that Catholic Federal employee is, but every one we have encountered. I will continue to have my family members sign up at Catholic Federal and even my kids someday too, because I know the service and kindness will remain. We love you Catholic Federal!
Best Service You Could Ask For
2/29/2016 11:38 AM Logan B. from Bay City , MI
When I was 16, I got a job at Taco Bell and my sister suggested that I set up a Catholic Federal account. I was nervous to set up an account because at that age I wasn't even sure how to use a debit card! I went to Catholic Federal with my sister and we told the representative working we needed to set up an account. The representative was very nice and explained all of the account details to both of us, without making me feel silly for not already knowing most of the information she provided us with. I am now 17 and am lucky enough to already be working on building my savings for my college education when I graduate High School. Thank you Catholic Federal for encouraging my saving at such a young age, I attribute my future success to you!
Loyal Member
2/29/2016 9:25 PM an anonymous user.
I joined CFCU when my wife (girlfriend at the time) showed me a better way to do banking. I have developed a great relationship with Julie T. over the last 15 years. She has showed me how to get better returns on my money when times where great, and how to make my money stretch farther when times where tough. She understands my needs and finds the best solutions to keep the most money back in my pocket! Without the help of CFCU over the last 15 years, I guarantee I would not be in the position I would be in right now. I will continue to lean on CFCU for advice and help making my money work for me!
Lost Soul
2/29/2016 9:53 PM Carol J. from Auburn, MI
When I first walked into a CFCU branch I was a mess. I had just gotten out of an incredibly abusive & unhealthy relationship. I had gone to another local credit union (literally) moments before walking into Catholic Federal. While I was at the other credit union I was treated like a number, told I needed to to meet financial standards that I wasn't capable of at the moment, and basically told I couldn't be helped. I drove to CFCU & walked into the CU's managers office defeated & worried. As I talked about my financial needs & the awful experience I had just had, the manager was so understanding & caring. She helped me to set up accounts that worked for me & my needs. I felt like I was talking to a very caring family member. I will never forget the way I felt. The experience gave me hope & security. I would recommend joining Catholic Federal Credit Union to anyone. Extraordinary people. ALL THE TIME. Thanks Catholic Federal!
Saving for College
3/1/2016 7:38 AM an anonymous user.
Catholic Federal has allowed me the opportunity to help my children learn about saving money and how it grows. The credit union offered a high yield savings certificates for minor accounts. This gave me a teaching moment with the kids and they all put $500 of their savings in the one year bond to watch it grow and increase their college fund.
We Had the Support of CFCU
3/1/2016 8:52 AM Arthur A. from Bay City, MI
I can't say enough about the great services that is offered at CFCU. You have helped our family in many ways, auto loans, home refinance, personnel loan, credit cards, the list goes on. But the most rewarding was when my mother in law came to live with us with her Down Syndrome child. Our house needed some room due to the fact we had bumping issues. Bumping into everyone in the morning, night etc. not enough room. So we decided to take our concerns to CFCU and they suggested to take out a (home equity loan). We looked at all of our options and with the great help and support of CFCU, we decided to go for it. It worked out, we were able to add an extra bedroom, master bathroom and a family room. So yes, CFCU put a great big SMILE on our faces, and took care of our bumping problem. Great work, we love CFCU. Keep up the great work. P.S. My mother in law has passed away, but you made her life very comfortable while she moved in with house.
Everything We Ever Dreamed Of
3/1/2016 9:10 AM Kimberly G. from Saginaw, MI
My husband and I lived in a run down apartment with 3 pets and his mentally disabled brother. We were never happy in that apartment and it put a lot of stress on our marriage. The place always smelled bad and the other residents always picked on my husband's brother. We wanted to start our own family, but in the back of our heads there was always the safety and security of our child. The place we were living didn't even come close to being a good environment to raise a child in. We finally decided to house hunt. We were hoping for a land contract because we had so many loans and credit cards already and couldn't afford much of a down payment. We set out to house hunt while trying to remind ourselves that the dream home we have pictures in the back of our minds wasn't realistic. One Sunday morning before heading to church we were being shown a home that quite literally was our dream home. It had everything we wanted! The only problem was, the home owner didn't want a land contract. Slightly disheartened we went to CFCU the next morning to see about a mortgage despite the nagging feeling in our gut that we had too much out and didn't have the 6,000 down payment that was required. But then God stepped in and with the help of Catholic Federal we were not only approved for a mortgage, but we were also approved for a loan that would cover the down payment, closing costs, and the appliances, carpeting, and paint we needed to make the home truly ours! Thank you CFCU for helping us get the home of our dreams and a safe and happy home for our family!
Recovering from bankruptcy
3/2/2016 8:58 AM an anonymous user.
Years ago, I belonged to one of the big banks. I went through a divorce and accumulated both medical and legal expenses. I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. My bank had no programs in place to help me re-establish my credit rating. So, I checked around and found that CFCU provided secured loans and secured credit cards. I joined CFCU and with the use of these programs, I was able to improve my credit score to over 700 within 2 years. Financial responsibility is important to me and CFCU allowed me to re-establish mine.
Correcting Errors
3/4/2016 9:02 PM Robert D. from Saginaw, MI
A couple years ago I discovered my balance was not correct in my checking account. I called and said the company showing a payment to, was unknown to me. In a very short order the mistake was found and funds were returned to my checking account.
Safe and Secure
3/6/2016 12:38 PM Michelle B. from Saginaw, MI
When I first became a member at Catholic Federal I had my purse stolen out of my car, I was young and naive back then. When I realized it was gone within half hour I stopped everything I have new staff members ask me for I.D. until recently Jeff asked me for my driver licensed to put in their system and now I can totally relax and feel safe that my account is safe thanks to Jeff . I can always count on Catholic Federal!
Money & Honey Bee Kid's Savings Club
3/7/2016 10:45 AM Kelly S. from Freeland, MI
I remember when I was young and being a part of the Money & Honey Bee Kid's Savings Club. Getting my card filled up with deposits was fun and exciting for me. Seeing how saving money can turn into "prizes" has made me grateful to have been a part of that kid's club. Along with that and what my parents taught me, I have realized how powerful saving money can be and also how important it is. I am so happy to be a member of CFCU because of the great Member Services they provide. The Money & Honey Bee Kid's Savings Club is important because it can help teach children how saving money is important and what it can lead to. I am now in my mid-20's and I just recently purchased a car. I was able to put a nice down payment on it because of saving! Thank you CFCU! I also was able to get a great car loan through CFCU so I am happy for that as well. I look forward to the rest of my life and what I hope to do financially. I am happy to be a CFCU member and I know that they will be able to help me achieve my financial dreams. Thank you CFCU!
Christmas Joy
3/10/2016 1:03 PM Barb G. from Saginaw, MI
Many years ago I was going through a divorce at Christmas time. At that time, divorces were not common. My husband had left town and also left me with many bills and no money. I had four young children and was cleaning homes, babysitting, and cutting hair at my home just to try and pay bills. It was getting close to Christmas and I wanted so badly to be able to have a couple of gifts under the tree from Santa as my children were having a tough time emotionally as it was. I decided to try Catholic Federal to see if I could get a small loan. I swallowed my pride and told my story. The loan officer listened, just smiled and said they could certainly give me a small loan. They arranged a payment plan that I could manage. My children had huge smiles on Christmas morning, even though there were only a few gifts under the tree. I have never forgotten that. Thank you CFCU for helping me to put smiles on my children's faces that Christmas so long ago!!!
Starting Over....
3/17/2016 9:28 AM Chris J. from Bay City, MI
I joined Catholic Federal just after my and my sons' lives were turned upside down due to a divorce after 20 years of marriage. The thought of starting over at my age, along with 3 children was the last thing I ever expected. I came to Catholic Federal with my home, as well as a vehicle to have them refinanced and make a fresh start. Embarrassed by the situation that we were left with, I was not sure how we would ever be able to move on. Making the move to Catholic Federal was the best choice I have ever made! When I went to the main office and other branches to get things organized and done, not once was I looked down on, nor was I made to feel uncomfortable. Your staff has always treated my sons and I with the utmost respect and dignity, that neither of the previous financial institutions did. The staff has helped us rebuild our lives, in such a professional manner, that I have actually had tears in my eyes as we were leaving, speechless at times. Catholic Federal has helped us numerous times in the last few years by helping us manage and save money, through a variety of services that you offer. On behalf of my sons and I, we would like to say THANK YOU to each and every staff member that we have had contact with and to the others we have yet to meet. You have helped bring my boys and I back from a time in our lives that we had no where to turn to, doing so with such respect was unbelievable and very much appreciated. Even now I have tears of joy as I am typing this. Thank you again for all you have done. You Catholic Federal are the BEST! I am VERY PROUD to call you MY CREDIT UNION!
Faith in people
3/21/2016 7:01 PM Brad L. from Saginaw, MI
I have been a member since the 1980s. As a young man I wasn't the most responsible person with my money. In a short time I had gotten myself into some debt where I wasn't able to make my payments on time and it seemed as if I was just going backwards. And my newly established credit was embarrassing at best. Then I was introduced to Mr Adams, I believe at the time the CU manager. When no one would help (other banks & Credit unions). He did. Dont get me wrong he was firm in tone and life lessons that still resonates today in all I do. THANK YOU!!! Bob Adams for sticking your neck out for a young man who needed help, not just with money and debt consolidation but with showing faith in me when no one else would. I forever will be a member at CFCU and over the years have grown to love you ALL. Bob you have left quite an impression in all who work there, and me too.
A New Car!
3/22/2016 5:56 AM Brandon S. from Saginaw , MI
I was approved for a used (new to me) car loan! They didn't shoo me out the door, thinking eh, he is just a 20 year old kid... Nope! They approved my 5year (@ 2.9%) loan for my G6, which was one year ago today & happy to say my car is paid off next month!!! Helped my dreams come true & I'll forever be a CFCU supporter & member! Thank you!
small loan to car loan
3/22/2016 4:36 PM Brenda B. from Saginaw, MI
I smile because a smile can be contagious..I smile because I have two fantastic kids and 6 amazing grandkids..I also smile because Catholic Federal Credit Union helps me when I need them and took a chance when no one else would help..Catholic Federal has awesome people who work for them..I smile because of you! Catholic Federal gave me a couple of loans when I needed car repairs that came unexpectedly, well after putting loan money into it, car died on me so once again I go talk to a loan officer and in two days I am now driving a nice car. I love my credit union and the employees. Excellent service ALWAYS
There IS No Place Like Home!
3/22/2016 8:41 PM Mary B. from Saginaw, MI
I joined CFCU on Hoyt St. somewhere around 1972.Starting working at St. Mary's Hospital in 1974. I needed to buy a new used car and was approved for a $1,700.00 loan to purchase a $2,700.00 Cutlass Supreme. The car was nicer than my dads and I think he felt bad so I tore the loan up and waited till I found a Nova. Perhaps that's where my love for Chevy's started! I have never not loved CFCU. I tried once to go to another place and I was sitting in the chair filling out paper work to switch my loan and during the middle of it I got up and said, "this is crazy! I do not know why I am here? The only place I need to be is down the road where Marilyn, Bridget, Kelly, Ginny, Enid, Wendy, Sandy, and all the others who I am getting to know greet you when you walk in the door. When you perhaps you have had a rough day and coming to do your banking they make your day a little brighter! It's like walking into Cheers where everybody knows your name. My son recently applied for a loan for his first home and asked why? I said, " Go see Kelly and walk through the doors a few times and you will see what dad and I are talking about". Whether it is homes, cars, or a loan to fix up your walk out with a smile and a sense of family! Well done Catholic Federal Credit Union!
My future is why I smile
3/22/2016 9:37 PM an anonymous user.
For the past couple years, I've been granted the Monsignor Forbes Scholarship to help me pay for school tuition. I am so grateful to have been blessed with such an opportunity to continue my education to earn my Associate's in Applied Sciences from Delta College and to have been blessed with the help of this scholarship. My career is in Dental Hygiene and in 6 short weeks I graduate and will become a Registered Dental Hygienist. However, I'm not stopping there. I am transferring my credits to Ferris State University to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene. I believe education is so important in building my foundation for the rest of my life, and I've always prioritized my education because I want to be successful and be the best I can be. I smile every day knowing that my future is important to my credit union, Catholic Federal Credit Union, because it makes me feel like they have the same beliefs and encourage education; I couldn't ask for a better credit union.
Member Since the 1960's
3/23/2016 10:28 AM kimberly m. from saginaw, MI
I got my first savings account in about 1960 when my godmother passed away and left me a little $$. I have been a member since, with checking, savings and mortgages, VISA and car loans. My aunt used to work at the office on Hoyt, and I'd put money in after school at St. Mary's school. CFCU started out at St. Mary's credit union and branched out. My whole family went to the annual credit union banquets. A big deal in those days. Love my CFCU.
I'm a Mac, not a PC
3/24/2016 4:13 PM Amanda M. from Bay City, MI
The laptop I had gotten with my high school graduation money had just completely died. I, being disabled and only able to work part time, knew it would take far too long to properly save up for a new one. So, my father took me to apply for my first loan. I was nervous, and so afraid that I would be rejected, but, not only was I approved that day, I was treated as a normal adult, something that was still coming quite rare to me those days. With that loan I was able to get an Apple iMac, and it served me well for almost ten years! I had no problem with making automatic payments, and, built my credit up quite well. I recently took out a new loan this past October for a new iMac. This time I was able to get one without a cosigner and nothing has made me happier or prouder than to be able to say that I have built up good enough credit that I can get a loan on my own, and be able to pay it back!
From Triumph to Victory
3/28/2016 5:15 PM an anonymous user.
I was employed at Saginaw Community Hospital(now Health Source), I worked in the Housekeeping department. I was going through some difficult times with my credit report not looking good, and in the process of filing for divorce. One day I was cleaning the office of Mr. Emmit Waier, and we just started talking about how things was going for me. I did not know he would be an Angel from heaven. I started sharing my story with him about starting a new beginning in my life. I felt so comfortable with him, I found myself talking about my personal problems. I asked him was there anything he could do to help fix my credit. He said "I'm on the board at Catholic Federal Credit Union" and will be going there for a meeting after lunch and I will see what I can do for you. I couldn't wait until he returned back to work. After I noticed he was back I went straight to his office. He told me he had some good news for me. He told me to go and talk to Robert Adams and he would help me (Second Angel). I went to see him after work and he approved me for a Visa for $1,000.00. After that it was history for me. Catholic Federal has been there for me on may other occasions. I love the staff-they get to know you by name and they make you feel so welcome to be a part of the Credit Union. I've been with the Credit Union since January 1989 and currently has about 15 family members that has joined. My two Angels has now retired from Catholic Federal Credit Union, but the hospitality I received from them forever lives in my heart.
Way Too Many Coins!
3/30/2016 4:03 PM DIANE K. from Saginaw, MI
I came into the State Street branch of CFCU to turn in some coins last week. I was taking my senior daughter to Disney and we had accumulated two boxes of coins over a 20-year period when we sent four kids through Catholic schools in Saginaw. My husband and I decided she could have the money from the coins to spend on vacation. When I approached the coin machine, there was a young man cleaning it so I waited. As I waited, I struck up a conversation with him telling him I had never used one of the machines before and was not sure what I was doing. This young man, whose name I believe was Jeff, showed me how to skillfully pour the coins into the machine, making sure not to jam it. He stayed with me the whole time, and assisted in cleaning out the debris that had accumulated in the coins over 20 years! I was a bit embarrassed about the things we found, but he assured me he had seen it all and mine was not bad! I could tell he was curious and he eventually asked me where all the coins came from. So I told him it was from 20 years of hot lunches - putting coins in - and taking them out for various kids. We ended up with $284 for her and her trip to Disney! This employee was so helpful and amused by my story - and it made me smile!
Breathing Easier!
3/31/2016 5:59 PM an anonymous user.
Many years ago our family decided we wanted to leave inner city life and move to the country. We worked hard to make our dream a reality. We purchased some land with farm land all around us and built our home ourselves to save money, while still working a full time job. We were in a nice position until the farm land around went up for sale with threats of a subdivision to be built. To protect our dream of living in the country our only option was to get a home equity loan and purchase a few more acres surrounding us. We now had 2 loans. It was a bit of a struggle but then some unfortunate circumstances arose that required to draw more money from the home equity line of credit raising the payments even higher. Shortly after the prime interest rate started rising and rising and rising, before we new it our home equity payment was as high as the mortgage payment. We struggled to make payments but so much was just going to interest. But then the market started dropping and our home value dropped to more than half of the original value and we now owed more between the 2 loans than what the house was worth. We needed to refinance and combine the 2 loans but were unable because we were upside down on them. It seemed impossible to get ahead due to the fact that the majority of payment only went to interest. Then the line of credit kept rising because we would have to borrow more just to make the mortgage payment. ( A rob Peter to pay Paul situation). After much effort to try to lower our balance so we could refinance into one payment we finally found a financial institution that would work with us that of course of Catholic Federal Credit Union. They saved us from losing our home that we worked so hard to build and because of the great interest rates we have been able to attack that the principal harder. We don't regret purchasing the extra land since it did prevent a subdivision from going up around us but had we known how the economy was going to turn and the hardship we went through we may have reconsidered things but we are thankful for CFCU helping so we didn't have to go into forclosure.
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